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Change in App Zip Package in v14.08

Apps which are exported to ZIP place all their data in a file called app.xml.

We've changed where this file is located to make it identical with the better protected folder used in sync scenarios.

What has changed

  1. Location of the app.xml file

In previous versions, this ZIP file was located inside the zip in the folder Apps/[app-name]/app.xml.

Starting from v14.08 it is located in Apps/[app-name]/2sexy/App_Data/app.xml.

This is the same location as the one used for app-sync.

  1. Behavior on Export

Previously export created this file in a temporary location and deleted it afterwards.

Now the file is directly created in the App_Data folder. This makes it easier to export and also git-sync in the same steps.

  1. Behavior on Import

App-Import will import app.xml from the old and new path.

After import, the app folder will have an App_Data containing the imported state.

Breaking Change

This change makes the system more consistent, but also means that exported ZIPs cannot be imported into older versions of 2sxc.

Workaround if you Need to Import in an Older Version

Please manually modify the zip file.

  1. Copy file Apps/[app-name]/2sexy/App_Data/app.xml to Apps/[app-name]/app.xml.

Changed in v14.08