Table of Contents

Roadmap of EAV and 2sxc - Vision of the Future

The 2sxc roadmap contains the things we think are fairly important to tackle next. Since we're all working for free, there is no commitment to do this in the order you see below. And sometimes a customer will need a feature quickly - and pay for it - then it will appear sooner.


You too can sponsor a feature to make things happen sooner!

Last Update: 2024-02-19

TODO: add infos from release 17.01

To Improve Q1

  1. ⌛ Mobius Form Builder

  2. ✅ Improve infos about layout in toolbar

  3. ✅ Improve infos about image resizer in toolbar

  4. Improve Intellisense

    1. ✅ Hide more internal APIs
    2. Include more XML docs
      1. ✅ ToSic.Sxc
      2. ToSic.Sxc.WebApi
      3. ToSic.Sxc.Dnn
      4. ToSic.Sxc.Oqt / Razor
    3. ✅ Find way to link to the official docs from inside the help
  5. Improve HotBuild

    1. ✅ Improve initial list of included assemblies and namespaces @STV
    2. ✅ Improve caching of information how to build/compile to improve speed
    3. ✅ Add support for sub-folders
    4. ✅ Support Editions
    5. ✅ Improve error messages on building the ThisCode folder
    6. ✅ Improve error messages when building Razor and C# using Roslyn
    7. ✅ Improve detection so that build is locking (prevent multiple builds on high-load)
    8. ✅ Create system to generate models
    9. Provide special UI to build the code and debug
    10. ✅ Switch to AppCode ThisApp
    11. Provide final place for base type
      1. Custom.Data.Item16
      2. GPS?
  6. Shared Field Configurations (not yet "published")

  7. ✅ Ability to change input config types/metadata - eg. skip @String when never needed

  8. ✅ Ability to share field configurations

    1. ⌛ Custom config inherit from multiple sources or keeping the Label
    2. Preserve config on export/import
  9. ⌛ Improve Create New App Experience

    1. Create new app template
    2. Improve the new app wizard - allow selecting template
    3. Improve create-app code to use the new template
  10. ⌛ Document new Pro Typed mode

  11. ✅ fix/improve date picker

  12. ✅ Update Monaco to latest version

  13. Improve CSP in Oqtane 4

  14. Create a User service to get more user data


  1. ⌛ Rework the UI Picker aka DropDown system
    1. to have titles, help, notes, links, and more @SDV
    2. to also have various data sources
    3. dropdown for numbers etc.
  2. Improve Oqtane Pages DS to also respect all known settings - @STV
  3. Finalize Deprecation system @2dm
  4. Improve CSP so it can work in a pure DNN skin without 2sxc @STV

Done but not communicated, or still tweaking / WIP

  1. ✅ Auto-Installer - Features to configure at system level which apps are allowed / must be installed
  2. ⏳ Auto-Install more apps from catalog - even after some have already been installed - ca. 1d
  3. Data Sources
    1. ✅ Internal data source to get data from app parents
    2. ✅ Internal Query to get data from app-parents
    3. ✅ New DataSource AppFiles
    4. ✅ New DataSource AdamFiles
    5. ⏳ Publish SharePoint DataSource (Premium/Patrons only)
    6. ⏳ New data sources like: ADAM (Files, Folders), Navigation, etc. - ca. 2d
  4. ✅ Compress Timeline: Feature to compress the existing history
  5. ✅ Entity Serialization Improvements
  6. ⏳ Data Bundles
  7. ⏳ Language editing permissions - improve, test, finalize, document - ca. 3-5d
    1. also allow non-admins to possibly translate resources

Post LTS

  1. Apps / App Maintenance: publish other new apps
    1. New timeline
    2. Files
    3. etc.
  2. CSP - ca. 5d
    1. ⏳ CSP Tutorials, docs and more
  3. Standardize / complete IDataBuilder API
  4. User Service - requires some final decision in regards to the data-format returned

Blazor CMS / cre8magic

  1. ⏳ cre8magic - auto-generate sitemap.xml

Minor: Tutorial App Enhancements

  1. Get tutorial app to run perfectly on Oqtane - ca. 0.5d 2dm

Probably 2023 Q3


  1. Page Level Settings and Metadata
  2. User Help / Manual in-page
  3. Plan new Metadata Target/Address system using only a string
  4. Major update on dropdowns/selectors
  5. Improve Export-Import Bundles
    1. Ability to create bundles in the Admin UI
    2. Ability to review bundles and what's inside in the Admin-UI
    3. Ability to download/export bundles
    4. Ability to import bundles in the Admin-UI
    5. Ability to save bundles to App_Data
    6. Ability to import bundles from App_Data
    7. Maybe ability to auto-save bundles to App_Data on standard export
  6. Notes / Metadata
    1. Provide Page-Level Metadata and Settings (outside of a specific App) - ca. 2d
    2. Metadata for Page, User, Site incl. Notes for each - ca. 2d
    3. Notes everywhere - especially on the page - ca. 2d
  7. Massively improve JSON import with language checks, overwrite/vs new etc.
  8. Code editor intellisense for most APIs - ca. 3-4d
  9. ⚠️ Deprecation System (show in UI, mark all APIs clearly, blog) - ca. 2d
  10. Many automated tests in the core JS APIs (toolbar, etc.) - ca. 5d - SDV
  11. JS Docs for formula
  12. Probably update ImageFlow again, if PNG resize bug is fixed
  13. Enable standard apps to be installed from catalog easily after first apps have been installed
    1. ✅ Feature to tell new auto-installer what apps are already installed
    2. App-Auto-Installer UI to add-install apps later on

Blazor CMS / cre8magic

  1. Oqtane Theme release and cre8magic Nuget v0.0.2
    1. cre8magic Google Analytics
    2. Improve getting started with theme etc.
  2. Create section with showcase
  3. Create section with partners / experts

Backlog 2023 v15

New Stuff and Major Enhancements

  1. CSP

    1. CSP for inline code - eg using nonce
    2. CSP for the Edit UI incl. custom extensions etc.
  2. Note-feature to add notes to various things like entities, fields etc. (show, persist show, add to all kinds of things, ...) - ca. 3d

  3. sxc-angular

    1. Re-release sxc-angular demo-app for it
    2. Js Docs for sxc-angular
    3. React sample application
  4. ⏳ Edit UI Picker (Entity, Number, String, etc.) - completely rework concept / system - SDV ca. 10d

  5. ⏳ Edit UI Picker - hierarchy / tree of data

  6. ⏳ string-Dropdowns from many data sources like

    1. CSVs
    2. WebService
    3. svg files icon-picker
  7. after new Selectors - improve permissions UIs

  8. New Icon-Dropdowns from other data sources for better icons-support without fonts

  9. ⏳ Edit and Admin UI Dependencies Upgrades @SDV

    1. ⏳ Angular 15 upgrade
    2. ⏳ Angular Material upgrade
    3. ⏳ AG DataGrid upgrade
    4. ⏳ Improve / Refactor some public types code

Apps / App Maintenance

  1. maybe Status App

WIP / Ongoing Larger Projects / Enhancements

  1. Language Editing Permissions based on roles/users
    • Implemented v13 2022 Q1 but not in production, so probably not fully ready / tested / documented
  2. Enable viewing read-only data / configuration to better discover options/features
    • Implemented to ca. 70%, but shared data metadata can't be accessed in UI ATM
  3. Provide more help UIs for using REST APIs
  4. Make the Metadata-System completely discoverable
  5. Standardize how to integrate into other systems (non-Dnn/Oqtane) (ca. 70% done)
  6. OpenGraph system - probably requires rewrite of CSP-Stack
  7. Create demo app with react
  8. More public headless APIs and Demos
  9. Improve WYSIWYG
    1. Ability to do more configuration on WYSIWYG
      1. ability to override toolbar buttons
      2. ability to set various easy-to-set configuration
      3. Possibly ability to preset various configurations globally or at site-level and use in other places

Oqtane specific

  1. CSP for Oqtane
    1. It's partially done, but docs are missing
    2. Unsolved aspect: collecting all necessary resources for CSP of pages not initially loaded
  2. Oqtane Page/Module integration / use (also for notes etc.)

Future / Other

  1. Update DB-Schema
  2. Support for persisting data to the file-system instead of DB
  3. Blazor integration for use in client-side Blazor
    ATM not really usefuly, because blazor is not run-time compiled yet, so development would be super difficult
  4. Review further integrations
    1. nopCommerce integration
    2. Orchard integration
    3. Umbraco integration
  5. In-Page direct upload / replacement of images
  6. In-Page direct editing of texts
  7. Possible side-by-side editing with live-preview
  8. Multi-import apps (drag-drop many) - probably patrons only
  9. Import Export
    1. Improve JSON import (language differences etc.)
    2. Improve xml and app import (language differences, etc.)
  10. App Update System (features to help migrate an App to a newer template)
    1. Unclear how to do this, but probably needs some kind of compare/merge features
  11. ...or whatever is needed next :)