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2sxc .net API Docs


This that will probably interest you the most.

Most used Services and Context Information

Most important Data-Objects

Note About Internal APIs

Note also that the real code of EAV/2sxc/Dnn has way more stuff, but that's inofficial. Please don't use objects that are not documented here - or they are explicitly on an .Internal namespace. That allows us to improve the architecture without worrying about breaking your code. Once we're really sure that certain parts are very final, we'll publish the API docs for those parts.

Advanced Topics

Background: Architecture of Eav, Sxc, Dnn


If you really care, please get familiar with the architecture - it helps a 👍🏼

Programming with DataSources and VisualQuery

All the DataSources are based on IDataSource. You can find most of them in ToSic.Eav.DataSources .