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The Primary App

The Primary App is a special App in each Site which is automatically created whenever you start using 2sxc on a site. The core purpose is storing site-wide Settings and Metadata.


The content App has some special behavior and limitations by design. For example: It is not meant to be added to a page.

Since it is the primary App in a Site, some settings on this app affect other Apps in the site. Read more about Settings

Special Limitations of The Primary App

Since the Primary-App is meant for settings, it has some limitation. The limitations are:

  1. Should never be added to a page as of v13 (future releases may change this)

Technical Details

  1. Each Site/Portal has an own Primary App
  2. The ID of the Content-App is 251c0000-eafe-2792-0001-000000000001


  1. Concept introduced in 2sxc v12 but there the Content App was also the Primary App
  2. Standalone Primary App in 2sxc v13 (breaking change)