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data Object in Formulas

The data object contains the most commonly used data, specifically

  • value - the value which would be used if the function didn't run
  • default - the default value this thing would have based on field configuration (use for reset to default)
  • prefill - the prefill value
  • initial - the initial value this setting/field had when it was loaded (use for reset to initial) new in 12.02
  • [FieldName] - all the values of the other fields
  • parameters.[ParamName] - all the parameters passed to the dialog, currently the ones in the prefill - v13.10

Example of the data object in a Formula which would set the Visible property of a field FullName:

data = {
  "value": true,                        // It's visible ATM
  "default": false,                     // Originally hidden till first/last were given
  "prefill": undefined,                 // Would contain prefill information
  "FirstName": "Douglas",               // string
  "LastName": "Adams",                  // string
  "Birthday": "1952-03-11T00:00:00.000Z", // string, always as neutral/Zulu/UTC time
  "Awards": ["guid-guid", "guid-guid"], // IDs pointing to other entities
  "FullName": "Douglas Adams",          // calculated by formula
  "Photo": "file:72",                   // link information
  "Album": "",                          // library fields have no value

Special Remarks about Date Values

Dates are stored as strings, not as Date objects. The UI doesn't care about time zones, so the strings always use Zulu time and not the local time zone. This may cause some challenges which you want to know about.

👉🏽 See returning dates


  • Introduced in 2sxc 12.01
  • Added data.parameters in v13.10

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