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2sxc Insights for Debugging Server-Code

This should give you some minimal guidance into debugging 2sxc. You have the following tools at your disposal:

  1. 2sxc Insights is a real-time log of what's happening on each request. You can access it through the admin-toolbar (rotate the more-button till you see a speedometer and click on it). This is the most powerful and in-depth system which also gives you insights when no errors are thrown, but you expect different results.
  2. Dnn Event Log are a standard part of Dnn and give you error details when things break.

Note that our documentation is not complete, but you should read the Blog Post about 2sxc Insights

👉 Here's more about 2sxc Insights on the Server

This may Also be Helpfull

Debug what's happening in the Network

F12 is one of your most important friends when debugging what's happening. Watch the chrome-console for network trafic and JS errors.

Debug Client Side Code

2sxc Insights has a client-side implementation as well. Open the F12 console and you'll see some messages that you can use $2sxc.insights() to see what's happening in the browser. Just follow the instructions shown as you call those functions in the console.


  1. Introduced 2sxc Insights (server-side) v9.31
  2. Major enhancements in v10.22