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AsList(...) - Magic Lists

In razor you prefer a simple @Something.Property syntax. If you only have one item, you'll use AsDynamic(...). When you need a list to go through, you use AsList(...).

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How it works

AsList has various signatures accepting a variety of input values. It then returns an IEnumerable<dynamic> object which is a List of IDynamicEntity objects. These are the things AsList can process:

  • a List<IEntity> or IEnumerable<IEntity> - will return a List/IEnumerable of IDynamicEntity
  • a List<DynamicEntity> or IEnumerable<IDynamicEntity> - will return the same thing again
    this option exists just so you don't have to pre-check what you pass in, making it easier to code for you
  • a IDataStream - will return a List/IEnumerable of IDynamicEntity
  • a IDataSource - will return a List/IEnumerable of IDynamicEntity of the "Default" stream
  • a

To use the latest features of 2sxc 12+, make sure your razor file begins with the line
@inherits Custom.Hybrid.Razor12
Otherwise your Razor templates is based on the default, older component code.


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 10.20