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Header / @Header Object

The Header is a Dynamic Entity in all Dynamic Code (Razor and WebAPI).

It's used on Views which are configured to have lists - and allows you to add information for the header or similar. So basicall List-Views have 0 or 1 Header and 0 or many Content items.

If the View is not a list, the Header will not be available.

⚡ The official API docs.

Since it's a Dynamic Entity it carries all values as properties, like Header.Link etc.

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Example Razor Code



Depending on the view configuration the Header can carry additional presentation information, for example how to format the title etc. This is available on Header.Presentation. The Presentation object is also a Dynamic Entity.

<h2 class="@Header.Presentation.Highlight">

Demo Data

Note that the View can be configured to contain demo data for both the Header as well as the Header.Presentation. In this case your template will receive data to show even if the editor has not added anything.


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 1.0 under the name List which was confusing
  2. Changed to Header in ca. V10 (but List still works for compatibility)
  3. Presentation added in this documented form ca. 2sxc 8