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DynamicModel Object 🪒 (Razor only, new in v12)

The DynamicModel object is used on sub-pages (which were rendered to the page using Html.Partial) to get the data which was passed as parameters.


This is an abstraction for PageData in Dnn and Model in Oqtane. Using DynamicModel lets you write Razor pages which will work on both Dnn and Oqtane.


Will get you a parameter passed to the page. It's a dynamic object, so Razor doesn't know what type it is. Sometimes you may want to explicitly type it. Here some examples of an inner-page which was called using parameters

  var person = DynamicModel.Person;
  var name = DynamicModel.Name as string;
  var nameOrDefault = DynamicModel.Name ?? "unknown";

👉 more examples in Html.Partial.


  1. Added in 2sxc 12 to ensure identical syntax with Oqtane