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App.Data / @App.Data Object in Dynamic Code

The App.Data object gives you immediate acccess to all data in the app, through the Data property. Basically you can use it as follows:

Get All Data Items of a Content Type

App.Data["ContentTypeName"] will give you a stream of all entities of that type. In most cases you'll use an AsList(...) to use it efficiently in loops etc. because most of the razor templating will prefer a DynamicEntity to a pure IEntity-object. Here's an example:

@foreach(var post in AsList(App.Data["BlogPost"]))
    @Html.Partial("_list-item.cshtml", new { Post = post })

note: this will give you all items, but you'll have to sort it using LINQ or other mechanisms. If you're not familiar with that, you're better of using App.Query[...] (see below).

Edit App Data Content-Items

In addition to giving access to all entities in this app, you can also create, edit and delete items using the App.Data object. The commands provided are:

  1. App.Data.Create(contentTypeName, values, userName)
  2. App.Data.Update(entityId, values, userName)
  3. App.Data.Delete(entityId, userName)

You can read more about this in the App Data API Feature

Create Metadata #todoc

Read Metadata #todoc


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 05.05
  2. Stable since 2sxc 06.00
  3. Data-API was introduced in 2sxc 06.05