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App.Query / @App.Query Object in Dynamic Code

The queries you create in the app-configuration dialogs can do many things like filter certain items, order them and more. You will often just connect them to a template and visualize the result, by you can also use it in your code. Here's how:

@foreach(var tag in AsList(App.Query["SortedTags"])) {
  <li class='@("app-blog-tag" + tag.ManualWeight)'>
    <a href='@Link.To("tag= " tag.Tag)' title="@tag.Name">

Technically the App.Query is a IDictionary<string, IDataSource>, meaning that it's a dictionary using string identifiers (names), returning an IDataSource object.

It's important to realize that a DataSource can deliver multiple streams of data - a bit like delivering multiple tables. Each stream has a name, and you must specify which stream you want to work with. In the above example, we're using the Default stream as defined with App.Query["SortedTags"]["Default"].

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  1. Introduced in 2sxc 05.05
  2. Stable since 2sxc 06.00
  3. Data-API was introduced in 2sxc 06.05