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Event CustomizeData() on the Razor Page (Dnn ☢️ only)


This is an older way to customize the Dnn search index.

It is deprecated.

Use the new mechanisms explained in Search Customizations

This event is called by the view-engine before the rest of the script is parsed - and it's usually empty. It can be overriden to change/configure what data is delivered to the template or search-index.

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How to use

In your razor page (.cshtml file) you can add a script block implementing this, as follows:


// Prepare the data - get all categories through the pipeline
public override void CustomizeData()
        // new features in 6.1 - the App DataSource CreateSource<App> and also the RelationshipFilter
        // Just add the items which have the relationship to the category in the URL
        var qsOfCat = CreateSource<RelationshipFilter>(App.Data["QandA"]);
        qsOfCat.Relationship = "Categories";
        qsOfCat.Filter = "[QueryString:Category]";
        Data.In.Add("QandA", qsOfCat["Default"]);

Since the code above is run before the rest of the template is executed, the Data object now has a stream called QandA which the rest of the template can access using Data["QandA"].

Notes and Clarifications

In general, you can override this event to prepare data. It has a few benefits like

  1. It's always called, even if the data is not templated - for example when it's streamed as JSON or when it's prepared for search indexing
  2. In the future, most data-preparations will be possible through a visual designer, but for now, this is the best way to go.

Connection to Search index

The CustomizeData event runs both when rendering the template as well as when the search is running. For further details you may want to read about

  • InstancePurpose - which tells you why the current code is running so you could change the data added
  • CustomizeSearch - which let's you write code to alter how the data is processed in the search-index

You should find some code examples in this demo App

More links: Description of the feature on 2sxc docs


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 6.1