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Toolbar Builder Guide

These docs should help with various aspects of the Toolbar Builder.


Just for context: usually you will use the IToolbarService to get a IToolbarBuilder.

You will typically do something like this:

var customTlb = Kit.Toolbar.Empty().Edit(Content);
<div @customTlb>

Almost all commands will return a new toolbar builder with the modified configuration. This means you can chain the commands as you need them.

It also means that each object is immutable. To understand this, check out this example:

var tlbGeneral = Kit.Toolbar.Empty().Edit(Content);
// Create another toolbar which builds upon the original
// This will not modify the first tlbGeneral object
var tlbItem = tlbGeneral.MoveUp().MoveDown();

@foreach(var post in App.Data["BlogPosts"]) {
  <!-- this will show the toolbar, but never change the inner configuration -->
  <li @tlbItem.For(post)>