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SaveInAdam(...) Command in ApiController

The SaveInAdam command helps your WebApi to upload files so they are in an ADAM container of an item.

The API is documented here and on this page we'll explain how to use it.

How to use

Here's a simple example, taken from mobius forms

SaveInAdam(stream: dataStream,
    fileName: fileNameInForm,
    contentType: "Advertisement",
    guid: guid,
    field: "Images");

Here's what the parameters are:

  1. stream contains a stream of bytes with the file
  2. fileName contain the file name
  3. contentType is the content-type of the entity we're saving to
  4. guid is the entity-guid which receives this item
  5. field is the field we're saving to


The following example is also from mobius forms and assumes that the html form encoded the data in JavaScript for sending to the WebApi:

// Save files to Adam
var files = ((Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JArray)contactFormRequest["Files"])
    .ToObject<IEnumerable<Dictionary<string, string>>>();
foreach(var file in files)
    var data = Convert.FromBase64String((file["Encoded"]).Split(',')[1]);
    SaveInAdam(stream: new MemoryStream(data),
        fileName: file["Name"],
        contentType: type.Name,
        guid: guid,
        field: file["Field"]);

Notes and Clarifications

  • all parameters (stream, fileName, ...) must be named by convention
  • the uploaded files are placed in the container of the field...
  • ...and not added as a link to the file, so you will usually use library fields
  • the field must be a field of type hyperlink, library or wysiwyg, other fields cannot receive files

Note that the form has two different ways the field can behave. In hyperlink-Library mode nothing is really stored in the field name, the UI will simply load all the files in a folder that belong to that field. SaveInAdam will simply add files to this folder, so the most common way to use it is that the entity will have a link-library field to browse one or more files uploaded.

If you really only want 1 file to be uploaded, and want to put it into the field as if it's linked directly, then choose a hyperlink-default field. SaveInAdam will give you a IFile object which has an Id. Use that to create a file:72 kind of link and add it to data you just created.

You should find some code examples in these apps


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 9.30