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View Settings (Advanced ⚠)

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Starting in 2sxc 12.02 you can also now create custom Settings for a a View.

Why Use View Settings?

This is great if you have multiple Views showing the same Template which has a list of settings to be applied. Or if you want to keep the aspects building a View be configurable in the UI.

Simple Cases where the Identifier is Sufficient


In many cases it's easier to just use the Identifier and set some variables in your code. But in advanced cases where you may add more views in time and would like to have the variations configurable, the View Settings are the way to go.

How do View Settings Work?

View Settings are standard Entities in 2sxc. So you'll have to create a Content-Type for this containing the fields which you want to configure.

To keep the normal Data section clean, the content-types are in the Scope System.Configuration.

For multiple views you may end up using the same Settings Content-Type or create a new Content-Type for each view - as you need it.

How to Setup View Settings?

  1. First create the Content-Type in the Scope Configuration and add the fields you want to configure
  2. Then in the view-configuration select that Content-Type (it will only show types on Configuration) and either create a new entity or select an existing one.

How Can I Access View Settings in Razor?

These can be found on the Dynamic Stack Object on Settings - see Settings Docs.

How Can I Access View Settings in Tokens?

As of now this is not possible.


  1. Made available to Razor in 2sxc 12.02