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Field Input-Type string-dropdown

Use this field type for configuring simple dropdown UI elements, storing string/text data. It's an extension of the string field type.


  1. provide values to select
  2. provide visible labels which are different from the stored value
  3. optionally allow users to type in something different
  4. choose between value-label and label-value ordering (2sxc 12.04)
  5. allow the use of : in values (just escape as \:)

Special Behavior

  1. When the drop-down UI element finds data stored, which doesn't match any of the values it has available, it will leave that data intact unless the users selects something manually

Configuring a String-Dropdown

This shows the configuration dialog:

Using the Dropdown with the optional free-text-entry (2sxc 9.10)

This is what the UI looks like, if Enable Free Text is enabled

If the user then clicks on the I-bar icon (TT in v11+), the input will change to text so you could type something different - like a value which wasn't suggested, or a token.


  1. Introduced in EAV 2.0 2sxc 2.0, originally as part of the string field type
  2. Changed in 2sxc 6.0 - Moved to it's own sub-type
  3. Enhanced in 2sxc 9.10 - definition moved to json-based and added feature for enabling manual text entry
  4. New option to reverse order of keys/labels. This version also allows escaping the : with \: