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Field Data Type: String

This explains String Fields. For an overview check out Understanding Data....

String data is a basic data type and is very commonly used in many fields. It's used for any basic kind of text, be it a character, a single-line text or wysiwyg-content.


The basic string field doesn't have any features, since all the features are in the sub-types.

Sub-Types of String Fields

  1. string-default - simple one or multi-line inputs
  2. drop-down for simple dropdowns
  3. drop-down-query for dropdowns which retrieve the data from a server
  4. wysiwyg
  5. font-icon-picker
  6. url-path

Shared Settings

All string field types currently don't have shared settings.

Technical Information

Storage in the SQL Database in the EAV-Model

This is simply stored as a string in the DB.

Storage in the SQL Database in the JSON-Model

This is simply stored as a JSON string.

Null Value Possible

In some cases you may add a field to a type which already has Entities created previously. In this case the old data doesn't have a value for the field. If this happens, the field will return null, so you may need to catch this special exception in your code.

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  1. Introduced in EAV 1.0 / 2sxc 1.0
  2. Changed in EAV 3.0 / 2sxc 6.0 (it used to have many configuration fields for all kinds of uses, which were then moved to sub-types)
  3. Enhanced in 12.02 to show old, invisible configuration which may still have an effect and allow copy/purge