Table of Contents

Content-Type Fields

This explains Content-Type Fields. For an overview check out Understanding Data....

The EAV (Entity-Attribute-Value) system and 2sxc is all about data. The data in the Attributes (aka Fields, Properties) are have a Type This Value-Type or Data-Type describes how data is stored (persisted) in various formats (SQL, JSON, XML) and how it's used in code (C#, JavaScript, Tokens, Angular, ...).

General Settings for all Fields

General Settings contain core information about a field like name, help-text and more. Every field has these configurations.

Field Types

These are the core Field-Types. Each may have one or more Input-Types.

  1. Boolean - basic true/false or yes/no values
  2. Custom - a JSON data type for GPS and other JSON data
  3. DateTime - for dates and times
  4. Empty - a UI-only field for things like grouping fields together under a title
  5. Entity - an item-picker field to choose existing items, for relationships between items - like a book to the author or a blog-post to tags
  6. Hyperlink - a special string with helper objects which resolve "file:72" to the real link
  7. Number - for any kind of number like 1, 2, 3 or with decimals
  8. String - for string types or when you other options don't fit


  1. Almost all types were introduced in EAV 1.0 2sxc 1.0
  2. Changed continously - most of it in EAV 2-4 which matches 2sxc 4, 6 and 9