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Hide Advanced Features From Non-Admins

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For many users 2sxc is too powerful, so there are various mechanisms for hiding the complexity from normal editors.


  1. You can auto-hide all advanced toolbar buttons using a special security group.
  2. You can create custom toolbars for all users, or even for certain user groups inside a Razor template
  3. You can see even more advanced stuff by going into a special developer mode
  4. You can see more internal code and messages by loading the JS-Code unminified

Auto-Hide Advanced Buttons From Non-Admins

This is very simple - 2sxc asks Dnn if there is a security group called 2sxc Designers. If such a group exists, then only users in that group (and all host-users) see the advanced button, any other user will not see advanced buttons any more. You can find more instructions in this 2sxc Designers checklist.

Custom Toolbars

You can create any kind of toolbar, and you can decide to show/hide which ever you want based on security roles in Dnn. This requires standard C# / Razor skills and is not explained more in detail right now.

Note that you'll find some snippets which should help you in the snippets, to both check what group a user is in, and to generate various custom toolbars.

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