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Custom Toolbars: Button Groups

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Buttons in the Toolbars can be grouped into various sets of buttons. This will show the users only a subset of the buttons, and let him access other groups using the ellipsis button.

You can set them in C# APIs as well as JS APIs.

Since the values and everything applies to both, the possibilities are documented here.

Group Names in the default Toolbar

The following button groups exist by default. You can target them to add your buttons, or remove them using -group=name:

  • default - the main initial buttons like edit, add etc.
  • list - anthing having to do with the current list - move-up/down etc.
  • edit-advanced - advanced, not-recommended buttons like delete
  • view - anything related to the view - edit template etc.
  • app - app related buttons


  1. Introduced custom Toolbars in 2sxc ca. v5
  2. Added to 2sxc 10.27 .01 in March 2020