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Custom Toolbars: Button UI Rules

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Buttons in the Toolbars can have custom UI parameters.

You can set them in C# APIs as well as JS APIs.

Since the values and everything applies to both, the possibilities are documented here.

Overview of UI Rules on Button


  • &icon=icon-class-name allows you to set an alternate icon

Since v14.07.05 you can also specify an SVG like this:

  • &icon=<svg...

This would use the specified SVG directly on the button, but there are some caveats:

  1. The SVG will need to auto-resize to fit the button. Because of that, your SVG will either need to specify a viewBox or it will be auto-calculated for you.
  2. Since an SVG usually contains many characters that won't work in a URL, it must be base64 encoded, so it's more like &icon=base64:PHN2ZyB...


  • &color=... gives the button other colors

Both settings and buttons can have an &color=... parameter. The ... can be just one color or two, like &color=red,green or &color=brown.

When specifying colors you can either use standard names like red or HEX-codes like FF0000. You cannot use the # hash symbol, so when specifying hex-colors, always just write the characters. The button rendering system will auto-detect hex color codes.

Note that you can also use semi-transparent hex-codes, like FF000088.


Force show/hide a button. This is only used in cases where show is auto detected, and you wish to override it.

  • &show=true or &show=false

Most common use case is to force-show or hide an existing button. For example, if you think it's ok to show the delete button, just use delete&show=true


Add more classes to your button for custom styling.

  • &class=your-class add one or more classes to the button to affect styling


  • &title=some-text - mouseover message


This is used in toolbars which have many button groups - either the standard groups or groups you made yourself. By specifying the group you can make sure a button is in another button group.

  • &group=my


  • &pos=0 - add the button to the front of the list
  • &pos=-1 - add the button to the end of the list

Read also


  1. Introduced custom Toolbars in 2sxc ca. v5
  2. Added to 2sxc 10.27 .01 in March 2020
  3. Prefill support added in 10.27 .02 in April 2020
  4. SVG Icon Support added in v14.07.05