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System Queries

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This is a very internal spec - you probably don't need this 😉.

System Queries are stored as json in DesktopModules\ToSIC_SexyContent\App_Data\system\queries.

Queries and Parameters


In v15 the names changed, to simply start with System.. The old names still work, but you should stop using them.

  1. System.Apps - retrieve all apps
    1. ZoneId
  2. System.Attributes - retrieve all the attributes of a content-type
    1. ContentTypeName
  3. System.ContentTypes - retrieve all content-types
    1. AppId
    2. Scope
  4. System.Pages - retrieve all pages of the current site (v15)
    Parameters no parameters
  5. System.Queries - retrieve all queries
    Parameters no parameters
  6. System.QueryInfo - retrieve all streams and fields of a query
    1. QueryName
    2. StreamName
  7. System.Roles (BETA v15)
  8. System.Settings (BETA v15)
  9. System.Resources (BETA v15)
  10. System.Users (BETA v15)
  11. System.Zones - retrieve all zones
    Parameters no parameters

Old Queries before v15

These queries have been renamed. The old name still works, but you should stop using it. We are only listing queries, which we believe may have been used publicly.

  1. Eav.Queries.Global.Apps - retrieve all apps
  2. Eav.Queries.Global.ContentTypes - retrieve all content-types
  3. Eav.Queries.Global.Queries - retrieve all queries
    Parameters no parameters


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 07.00
  2. In added in 2sxc 07.00
  3. Params added in 2sxc 10.22