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The WebApi Helpers on the Sxc Controller using Fetch

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Modern browsers all support fetch and this is now the preferred way to get data.

2sxc 13 introduce new JS APIs for this.

Note: If you want to use other AJAX libraries, check out the Bare Metal APIs.

Simple APIs

The simple APIs perform a browser fetch and return a promise. This is very similar to jQuery.

  • webApi.fetchRaw(...) performs a basic fetch and returns a standard promise containing a Response object
  • webApi.fetchJson(...) performs a fetch and returs a promise containing an object which came from JSON recommended


All of these methods can be called with just 1 parameter, the url. But for more control, you can have these parameters:

  1. url - short api url like controller/method?params or other variations (see below)
  2. data - optional POST data, empty by default. Can be a string or an object. If it's an object, it will auto-convert to JSON
  3. method - optional method name, default is GET, unless you specify data, in which case it defaults to POST


The url can be any one of these:

  1. Api URL pointing to a WebAPI of the app - short like controller/method or long like app/auto/controller/method
  2. Query url with a query name like app/auto/query/queryName
  3. Data url pointing to the data like app/auto/data/contentType

These can also have parameters like controller/method?id=27 or app/auto/data/contentType/574 depending on what the endpoint expects.

Helper for URLs with Parameters v13

2sxc 13 enhances the webApi.url(...) function to build a url using a parameters object. So you can do either one of these examples:

var webApi = $2sxc(moduleId).webApi;

var jsonPromise1 = webApi.fetchJson('blog/rss?category=17');

var jsonPromise2 = webApi.fetchJson(webApi.url('blog/rss', { category: 17 }));


👉 We've updated the simple web api tutorials to demo this

You should find some code examples in this demo App


  1. jQuery based webApi.get(...) etc. introduced in 2sxc 04.00 - see old docs
  2. fetchRaw(), fetchJson(), url(), headers() API introduced as beta in v12.10
  3. jQuery commands deprecated in v12.10 but will continue to work if the page has jQuery loaded
  4. url(...) enhanced with parameters object in v12.11
  5. fetchRaw(...) created to fix difficult naming in 12.10; fetch(...) is now deprecated and will stop working some day
  6. fetchRaw, fetchJson, and sxc.query(...) official for use 13.04