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Html & JS: quickE - Quick Edit 2.0

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quickE (pronounced quicky) is the quick-edit feature inside 2sxc to quickly add / move modules and inner content blocks. This page explains the In-Browser things you must know, incl. JSON configuration

Concept and Background

For this please read Concept-Quick-Edit, which also explains how to include it in a Skin etc.

Assuming that the $quickE is already on the page and you're logged on, it's automatically there... ...if one of two things is true:

  1. The skin includes it automatically (like the 2shine skin)
  2. You've added any 2sxc module to the page

Configuring quickE Quick-Edit in HTML

Since quickE 2.0 (released in 2sxc 8.7) you can now also configure it a bit. Here are the most important features

  1. enable / disable the entire quickE
  2. enable / disable module quick-edit
  3. enable / disable inner-content-block quick edit
  4. enable / disable specific buttons across everything or just on modules or inner-content-blocks

To do this, just add a quick-edit-config='{...}' attribute to any DOM node with the desired configuration. Here's what will happen

  1. if you add it to a skin-dom-node, you can set "defaults" like "never enable at all"
  2. if you add it to a view-template, you can change the behavior if that view is included

Why include configuration it in a View?

As explained above, quickE changes it's behavior by default if it finds inner-content. This is desired on details-views, but not on templates which just create more complex content on a normal page. So on these templates, you could add a config to continue enabling module-quick-edit.

The Configuration Object Structure

See QuickEditConfigRoot, QuickEditConfig and QuickEditConfigButtons

A Quick Razor Example

If you want to add this attribute only when the user is editing the page, the best way to do it is like this:

<div @Edit.Attribute("quick-edit-config", new { modules = new {  enable = true }})>

or this

<div @Edit.Attribute("quick-edit-config", new { buttons = new { select = false},  modules = new {  enable = true, buttons = new { addApp = false }}})>

Read also

You should find some code examples in this demo App


  1. Introduced in 2sxc v08.04
  2. Enhanced / made configurable in 2sxc 08.06.01
  3. Added ability to specify each button in 2sxc 11.11.03