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In-Page Edit Toolbars and Buttons

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When a user is logged on and has edit permissions, he should see buttons to edit his content or perform other actions. This is all done in HTML / JavaScript. By default, the server will render this in places defined by the template using placeholders like @Edit.TagToolbar(Content) and similar.

Note that usually this HTML is generated by a server-side template, and will usually be wrapped in a if-user-logged-in condition.

So if you want to do things differently, here's how - just remember that this is an advanced use case so it's a bit harder than what you're used to with 2sxc :).

New much simpler method in v10.27+


Before you try anything you should really check out the newest, easiest way to customize toolbars.


  1. Introduced in 2sxc v02.00
  2. Published API for use in templates in 2sxc v08.06
  3. Enhanced / Standardized in 2sxc v09.40
  4. Made much simple in v10.27