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Using Queries in your Code

In a Razor or WebApi file, you can always write something like this

var query = App.Query["AllBlogPosts"];
var posts = query["Default"];

// you could now work with the data, or you could cast all results into dynamic objects, like...
var categories = AsList(query["Categories"]);

// if all you need is the "Default" stream as dynamic, you can write
var posts = AsList(query);

Now you can loop through the data as you would otherwise, for example:

    @foreach(var person in AsList(query["Persons"]))

Technical Implementation

The data which defines a query is stored as IEntity data.

  • So there is a header IEntity which is read through an .
  • It contains the name, and a bunch of metadata IEntity items which are read as QueryPartDefinitions
  • It also contains a list of Connections which define how the DataSources pass data from one source to another.
  • There are also test-parameters on such a query, which are only used for testing in the VisualQuery Designer

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  1. Introduced in 2sxc 07.00