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VisualQuery Designer

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2sxc includes a visual designer for creating queries called VisualQuery. It's drag-and drop, and each component can be configured to your needs.

The Designer

This is what it looks like:

This is what you see when you run a query:

Add Parts / DataSources

Just add parts to your query as you need them:

...and drag them around for positioning as you want:

Connect Parts / DataSources

Now just connect Out Streams of some parts to the In Streams on other parts:

In some cases, the connection to drop unto already has the right name, otherwise just click on the name to rename it:


Renaming connections can be very important, as the receiver of data may expect a specifically named In Stream to bring it data. The most common name is Default BTW.

You can also rename the Outbound connection if you want this:


Just like the In-Streams, the Out-Streams names can have an important effect. In the example above, renaming the Out means that the shown App DataSource will only give data of the type Company on this stream.

Save, Run and Debug

Here's an example of the result after running the query shown above:

As you can see, the designer shows each connection and how much data was in it (and you'll see a dialog showing the data). If we click on a stream we can also see exactly what was in the stream:

Read more about this in VisualQuery 3: Debugging.

Add more DataSources and Connect

To build your dream-query, add more parts as you need them...

As you can see, the resulting stream has 0 items in it. Let's configure the Item-ID Filter to do something usefull:

Configure the Parts

All parts which can be configured show a gear-icon when you mouse over them:

...which then show a dialog for this specific DataSource:

👉 Learn more about Configuration and Parameters

Where to go from Here

  1. Try out various apps to see how they use VisualQuery
  2. Discover all the features in these docs (see menu to the left)

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  1. Introduced in 2sxc 07.00