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Page Service to Activate Features & WebResources (JS, CSS, etc.)

The PageService helps Razor templates to activate features and load predefined JS/CSS (WebResources).

An important aspect of Razor solutions is ensuring that the page has helper materials like jQuery etc. This gets especially complex in scenarios like Oqtane, where the page doesn't really reload and therefor may already have some scripts / styles loaded, but it's hard to guess.

For this we have developed a helper called turnOn and the PageService is able to activate this feature (and more in future).


Using the IPageService.Activate(...) ensures that all apps use the same resources, and that these are only loaded once per page.

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Difference between features and WebResources**

  • Features are some system-specific JS/CSS (like jQuery or turnOn)
  • WebResources are JS/CSS which are configured in Settings, so you can use the preset WebResources or define your own at the App, Site or Installation. Examples are fancybox4, Bootstrap5 etc.

Activate Page Features

A simple example:

Kit.Page.Activate("jQuery");                          // Activate jQuery
Kit.Page.Activate("turnOn");                          // Activate turnOn
Kit.Page.Activate("jQuery", "turnOn", "2sxc.JsCore"); // Activate many

This will ensure that jQuery and turnOn are available on the page. Note that it will only be activated once, even if the code would accidentally activate it multiple times.

Features you can activate as of v12.02

  • jQuery - activate jQuery if you need it - recommended for Dnn, required for Oqtane 2.2+
    note: we really want to discourage the use of jQuery - so avoid if possible
  • turnOn - the JavaScript turnOn Activation system
  • 2sxc.JsCore - the 2sxc standard JS APIs.
    Replaces @Edit.Enable(js: true) new in v13
  • 2sxc.JsCms - 2sxc JS APIs to run commands for edit, etc.
    Replaces @Edit.Enable(api: true) new in v13
    Includes 2sxc.JsCore
  • 2sxc.Toolbars - allow edit-toolbars on the page.
    Replaces @Edit.Enable(js: true, api: true, styles: true) new in v13
    Includes 2sic.JsCms and 2sic.JsCore
  • 2sxc.ToolbarsAuto - auto-show edit-toolbars on the page.
    Replaces @Edit.Enable(js: true, api: true, styles: true, autoToolbar: true) new in v14
    Includes 2sxc.Toolbars, 2sic.JsCms and 2sic.JsCore
  • Cms.Wysiwyg - activate special CSS for content made in the rich WYSIWYG editor WIP in v15.01
    Usually auto-activated by CmsService.Show(some-wysiwyg-field)

Note: The system will auto-cascade features - so if you activate a feature which needs other features, these are automatically activated as well.

Features that are explicitly not implemented

  1. jQueryUI is often used in but it's really old and hasn't had updates since 2016
  2. knockoutJS is often used in but it's also barely alive, so it's not meant to be activatable in modern systems like the ones usually built with 2sxc

Activate WebResources

Any WebResources registered in the settings can be activated. Here's an example:

Kit.Image.Activate("Bootstrap5");                // Activate Bootstrap5 from a CDN
Kit.Image.Activate("fancybox4");                 // Activate fancybox4 from a CDN
Kit.Image.Activate("fancybox3", "FontAwesome5"); // Activate the older fancybox + FontAwesome5

You can define your own WebResources in the Settings, or check out the list of pre-defined WebResources.


  1. Introduced in 2sxc 12.02 to replace the previous static implementation using RazorBlade
  2. Activating WebResources added in 2sxc 12.04