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WebResources are JS/CSS libraries which your code will use, like Fancybox4. These can be managed in Settings to ensure that it can be changed as needed, and that all Apps will load the same versions.


WebResources are not Resources. WebResources are JS/CSS needed in the browser. Resources are i18n language resources for multi-language assets. See also App Resources.

The following Resources are pre-configured in Settings:

Web Resource Added in 2sxc Comments
Bootstrap4 v12.04
Bootstrap5 v12.04
fancybox3 v12.04
fancybox4 v12.04
FontAwesome5 v12.04
FontAwesome6 v13.00

You can override these configurations in the Settings at any level you want.


You can also just configure a WebResource to be deactivated (Enabled = false).

You would do this if the skin already loads the assets you need.

Usually your code will activate it using the IPageService.

You can also access the values in Razor directly, like this:

@Settings.WebResources.Bootstrap4.Enabled (will be true)


  • Settings WebResources introduced in 2sxc 12.04