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Params LookUp in Query Parameters

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2sxc 10.22 introduced a new parameter source called Params. With this you can write things like [Params:Sort].

The query now has a special LookUp for the source Params. This should help you make nicer, more flexible queries and also allow you to set these query parameters from C# code.

Configure in VisualQuery

This shows how to use Params in VisualQuery:

Here's what you see in the image

  1. An Item ID Filter is being configured and it could directly use [QueryString:Id] but instead it uses the [Params:EntityId]
  2. The Query Parameters are configured to resolve EntityId as [QueryString:Id]
  3. For testing purposes the Test Parameters have a test-value for this

When this is run during testing, it will use the test-parameters, and at runtime it will use the ?Id=... from the url.


Your queries can also use params that you didn't configure - but they will return nothing unless you would set them in your C# code before you run the query.


We recommend to always use the Params for everything as it's simpler to see all the parameters your query depends on.
So if you have a ValueFilter expecting a value from the url, we recommend that you
Create a param FilterLastName=[QueryString:LastName]
In your data-source configuration, use [Params:FilterLastName]

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