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App Export Configuration

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Starting in v14.10 you can override some export behavior. This is done using the /App_Data/app.json file.

You can find out more about the app.json here. The rest of this page is for configuring the export.

Default Export Behavior (v7+)

By default (eg. if you don't have an app.json), the following folders will not be included in the ZIP file:

The following folders and files are special source-code folders and will not be included in export / import of Apps.

  1. .git git versioning data
  2. .vs visual studio code settings
  3. node_modules location for NPM javascript packages for development
  4. bower_components location for javascript packages, similar to NPM but older

Configurable Behavior

When Webpack5 came along, it also needed the folder .temp_cache. So it became clear, that we shouldn't hard wire a list, but make it configurable. This uses the /App_Data/app.json.


  "$schema": "",
    This is a JSON file but it is treated like a JSONC (with comments).

    Different editors may complain about the comments. 
    To reconfigure VS Code so it knows comments are ok, do this:

  "export": {
    "exclude": [
      // Skip git versioning folders, github config folders
      // ".gitignore",

      // Webpack 5 temporary folder and NPM folders

      // Other examples
      // ".vs",
      // ".vscode",
      // "package.json",
      // "package-lock.json",
      // "nuget.config",



  • Default behavior since v7
  • Configurable since v14.10