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App Assets

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In the App Folder you can add any files you need in your App, like:

  • CSS files
  • JS files
  • Images, Logos

Note that they should not be content-files, but files your App and the templates need to work.

Base Url to Files in the App or View Folder

Most links to files need to know where to find the App. You could hardwire the correct link, but that would be very inflexible. This is usually done using the @App.Path or @App.Folder.Url property.

  • The base url to the App is found on @App.Folder.Url (on Razor files which inherit RazorTyped) or on @App.Path on older Razor files
  • If you are using Polymorphism, you may prefer to use the @MyView.Folder.Url (RazorTyped) or @CmsContext.View.Path (older Razor files)

Example Using App Assets in your Template

@inherits Custom.Hybrid.RazorTyped
<link rel="stylesheet" href="@App.Folder.Url/assets/style.css" @Kit.Page.AssetAttributes(priority: 150) />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="@App.Folder.Url/assets/lazy.css" @Kit.Page.AssetAttributes(position: "bottom") />
<script type="text/javascript" src="@App.Folder.Url/assets/scripts.js" @Kit.Page.AssetAttributes(priority: 200, position: "bottom") /> </script>
<img src="@App.Folder.Url/some-logo.png?w=200">

or with older Razor base classes

@inherits Custom.Hybrid.Razor14
<link rel="stylesheet" href="@App.Path/assets/style.css" @Kit.Page.AssetAttributes(priority: 150) />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="@App.Path/assets/lazy.css" @Kit.Page.AssetAttributes(position: "bottom") />
<script type="text/javascript" src="@App.Path/assets/scripts.js" @Kit.Page.AssetAttributes(priority: 200, position: "bottom") /> </script>
<img src="@App.Path/some-logo.png?w=200">

The above example uses the @Kit.Page service. This requires your razor to inherit from Custom.Hybrid.Razor14 or newer. For other uses, see Asset Optimization

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