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Resources Stack in 2sxc ✨ new!

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Resources come in 2 distinct flavors:

  • Standardized Resources marked with 📋 are edited in a content-type called ResourcesSystem with a predefined structure.
    These resources are meant to be used across tools and apps.
  • Dynamic Resources marked with 💪 use content-types called App-Resources which you define.
    These resources can have any keys and values you want.
    The effect/reach of this depends on the level where you add it (global, site, app). The code using these will usually come from you, as these resources are not standardized.

Resources are just like Settings

The resources stack behaves just like the settings stack. So to keep things simple, we didn't repeat the documentation here.

Please read about the Settings Stack to understand it.

The only difference is

  • The app-resources content-type is called App-Resources (this name is inconsistent for historical reason)
  • the standard resources ContentType is called ResourcesSystem and ContentTypes for sub-configurations will always start with the emoji 🌐.


  • Full Resources Stack introduced in 2sxc 12.04
  • Dropped ResourcesCustom as a type in v13, as not needed any more because we changed how the site-level settings work