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Content - Data made Useful

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Data is just numbers and texts. Content extends Data to become information. Since this confuses many people, we must explain it in more depth.

Important: This document is about the Concept of Content vs. Data. If you're looking for information about the Content-App go here.

Content vs. Data

Data in itself is just sets of values without context and meaning. An Entity containing a Title, Body and Image is Data. If you would find this in a database, and the title read Read more about this it would be fairly meaningless in itself.


A lot of data is managed in terms of lists and details which makes it useful that way. A Catalog is usually Data-Driven and this makes sense - the list/details templates will then make it useful.

On the other hand we have Content placed on a specific page in a specific position, where the reader experiences it in the context and meaning of other stuff on the same page.


Content is created by editors on the page and the editor ensures that it makes sense together with other content on the same page.

Content is Information

The editor gives the Data context and meaning, and as such it becomes more useful. It becomes Information.

So in summary: Data + Context = Meaning = Information

The 2sxc/EAV CMS ensures that the editor experiences this as such, and doesn't feel like she's editing Data when adding Content.

Content Blocks

2sxc keeps track of the pieces that belong together as Content Blocks. When Inner-Content is needed (placing content inside content) it uses Inner Content to keep track of that information.

You may also want to know how Content Blocks fit into Dnn Modules.

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