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Formulas (Logic) in the Edit Form

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2sxc provides Formulas which let you dynamically change all kind of things in the edit UI. With it you can dynamically change

  1. the value of the field
  2. Field settings like
    1. Visibility to show/hide a field
    2. Disabled to enable/disable a field
    3. Required to change required or not
    4. Name to change the label
    5. ...and many other settings
  3. Field validation messages


Get Started

Formulas ar written in JavaScript.

🎓 Get Started with the Formulas Guide

Planned Future features

  1. Ability to read other properties of fields - like check if a field is visible
  2. Ability to read other entities / check their types etc.
  3. Ability to read fields of other entities


  • Introduced in 2sxc 12.01
  • Extended with Required ca. v13.00
  • Extended with Notes ca. v13.10
  • Improve formula designer to allow creating new formulas directly in the designer ca. v14.00
  • Added formula designer API help ca. v14.00
  • Massively improved v2 Formulas in 2sxc 15.07 (officially released in 16.0)

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