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Formulas in the Edit UI Guide

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This guide will help you get started with Formulas.

Start with an Overview

Before you even start it's best to have an overview. The 2sxc 12 Formulas Release Video is a good place to start.

Step 1: Discover Live Examples

🔬 First you must look at the live samples in Formulas Tutorials

If you did this, you should now have seen

  1. What formulas tend to look like

  2. All kinds of things they can affect

  3. That they run in the browser, and keep updating with every interaction

Step 2: Get to Know the Formula Designer

👉 To develop Formulas use the Interactive Formula Designer

Step 3: Try it Yourself

👉 Check out the JS Formula Documentation - also the data and context objects

👉 Also read about the Formula Targets and Return Values

Tips and Tricks

  1. While developing, always keep the F12-Console open to see what's happening

  2. You can always add a console.log(data, context); or similar in your code to see in real time what's being processed.

  3. You can also add a line debugger; and the browser will stop at this line so you can inspect the variables and watch your code.

  4. Do use Formulas as pure functions.

Step 4: Go Deeper


  • Introduced in 2sxc 12.01
  • Extended with Required ca. v13.00
  • Extended with Notes ca. v13.10
  • Improve formula designer to allow creating new formulas directly in the designer ca. v14.00
  • Added formula designer API help ca. v14.00
  • Massively improved v2 Formulas in 2sxc 15.07 (officially released in 16.0)

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