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Angular Template App for Dnn / 2sxc

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To quickly get started we've created the Angular 11 Template App. It demonstrates how to...

  1. Integrate Angular in Dnn
    1. to run perfectly while using Dnn and 2sxc WebAPI endpoints
    2. during development with hot-reloading so you can see the real solution in Dnn while working
  2. Integrate Dnn into Angular
    1. So that all http-calls have all the necessary security headers
    2. So that hitting enter on an input-field doesn't reload the page
  3. Integrate 2sxc into Angular
    1. So it's easy to access Data like Content, Queries and custom WebAPI controllers
    2. So you can use CMS features like editing content directly from Angular

Introduction Video

Next Steps

  1. Install and try the Angular 11 Template App
  2. Maybe browse the code here Angular 11 Template App Github Repo
  3. Learn about the runtime integration or the development integration


  1. First version for Angular 4 created in 2017
  2. Enhanced for Angular 6 in 2019
  3. Enhanced for Angular 8 in 2020
  4. Enhanced for Angular 11 and dnn-sxc-angular 11 in February 2021