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Toolbars which Create Metadata

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If your toolbar should create Metadata when creating new data, it must supply the for parameter.

When you do this, the edit-dialog should open just like always, but once the data is saved it should have the metadata target assignment.

Schema for the Simple Toolbar


  • ...&for=file:74
  • ...&for=4,guid,5f09bc36-1ada-4f74-8992-a90587b09af5

Razor Example

This example will create a new item which will provide metadata for the Entity (Target-Type 4) 5f09bc36-1ada-4f74-8992-a90587b09af5. This example would usually need an @if(...) around it, as you would normally only want to have a create-button if nothing exists yet.

<div @Edit.TagToolbar(Content, toolbar: "+new?contentType=Category&for=4,guid,5f09bc36-1ada-4f74-8992-a90587b09af5")>

This example is used in the Fancybox3 Gallery and will either edit existing Metadata or create new Metadata for this file.

<div class="ga-image" @Edit.TagToolbar(toolbar: new [] {
  "metadata?entityId=" + pic.Metadata.EntityId + "&contentType=ImageMetadata&for=file:" + pic.FileId

Schema for the Advanced Toolbar System

The old toolbar system which was much harder to set up also as a model for this, but we won't document it, as we don't recommend using it any more.

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