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Metadata Target Types

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Metadata is Data which describes or adds information to other data. For this to work, Entities which are Metadata store the ID of the Target. In addition, they must know what Target Type this ID describes, because an ID like 20503 could be in use in many systems.

The Target Type is a simple number and all known Target-Types are stored in the SQL-Database. Any Target-Type number from 1-100 are reserved for 2sxc/EAV predefined types, any number above 100 you can define yourself for your use case.

Reserved / Built-In Target-Types

The following list are internally reserved Target-Types

  1. Anything with 1 (or 0) is defined as not being Metadata
  2. Attribute/Property Metadata - key should be number
  3. App Metadata - key should be number (AppId)
  4. Entity-Metadata - key should be guid of entity
  5. Content-Type Metadata - key should be string static-name
  6. Zone Metadata
  7. Scope Metadata
  8. Dimension (Language) Metadata
  9. Reserved
  10. CMS-Item (like file:72 or page:42) - key should be string
  11. System Metadata
  12. Site Metadata
  13. Reserved
  14. Page Metadata
  15. Reserved
  16. Module Metadata
  17. Reserved
  18. User Metadata
  19. 19-89 are Reserved
  20. 90 Custom Metadata target - for your most common custom target that only you care about
  21. 91 Custom1 - additional custom target for your own use, only your app cares about this
  22. 92 Custom2 - ...
  23. 93 Custom3
  24. 94 Custom4
  25. 95 Custom5
  26. 96 Custom6
  27. 97 Custom7
  28. 98 Custom8
  29. 99 Custom9
  30. 100 Reserved
  31. 101+ is free to define for your own purpose, but ATM you probably shouldn't use them

See also

Custom Target Types

You can easily add custom types as you need them in the SQL database yourself. Just make sure your type-id is greater than 100.


  1. Introduced in 2sxc v2
  2. The 100 top numbers reserved for 2sxc in 2sxc v5