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2sxc JavaScript and TypeScript for Dnn/Oqtane

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You can create awesome solutions, customizing the edit-experience and working with 2sxc-data in your JavaScript and TypeScript. It's ideal both for simple scripts like galleries as well as for bundling and distributing complex Angular or React SPAs.

Get Started

  1. You should probably import the npm package into your code

The 2sxc JavaScript APIs

  1. Read up on getting started
  2. $2sxc Global is the global object for everything
  3. Sxc Instance with is the module-level object

The Edit Experience

  1. Overview to Editing Content
  2. Customize the edit experience (buttons, toolbars...) with the manage controller
  3. Customize the quickE (quick edit) experience
  4. In-page edit toolbars for html or javascript with settings
  5. internals of a command (with full list), of buttons and creating custom buttons
  1. Angular / dnn-sxc-angular