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Formulas JavaScript Specs

Formulas let you create JavaScript functions to calculate Values and Properties of things in the edit form.

Learn about the Formula concepts here. It also shows you the UIs, how to configure etc.

Then you should continue with the Formulas Guide 🎓


Set Field Value to missing-data if empty

This formula would be applied to the fields Value.

v2((data) => {
  return data.value ? data.value : 'missing-data';

Set Field Visibility based on another Toggle Switch

This formula would be applied to the Setting Visible.

v2((data) => {
  return data.ShowAdvanced;

Add an Emoji to a Group-Heading if inside it an important property was set

This formula would be applied to a group headings Setting Name which is the visible title:

v2((data) => {
  return data.default + (data.EditInstructions || data.ListInstructions ? ' ✅' : ''); 

Note that we're returning data.default and some more text, not data.value. This is because the value would change on each cycle, but data.default contains the original value.


  • Introduced in 2sxc 12.01
  • Added data.parameters in v13.10
  • Added context.features,, context.user, context.sxc etc. in v13.10