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Headless WebAPIs in 2sxc

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Using a CMS like 2sxc as Headless means that the data can be used elsewhere both for showing and editing as needed. 2sxc provides 3 different WebAPIs for this:

  1. Built-in Content WebAPIs which are REST endpoints for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations
  2. Built-in Query WebAPIs which are read-only APIs to query data using VisualQuery
  3. Custom C# WebAPI controllers which you create to do anything you want

We always recommend that you first experiment with the tutorials before you do anything else:

Discover More in the Web API Tutorials

We have an rich series of Web API tutorials. You should really check them out 👍.

Fine-Tune Serialization of Headless Data

If you use Queries you can now fine-tune how the data will be serialized. Read more about this.

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  1. Introduced Content-REST API in 2sxc 5.x
  2. More added in v7.1
  3. Added in-admin help to access it in 11.10