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Create Metadata - (advanced ⚠)

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To create Metadata, new data must be assigned to a Target the moment it's created.

Metadata can be created in 3 ways

  1. Through the Edit-UI: If the toolbar which opens a new dialog adds metadata information, then the newly created item will be stored as metadata
  2. In the REST WebAPI: the REST calls for creating new data can contain target information
  3. In the App.Data.Create(...): The Create(...) command can include target information

Create when Opening the Edit-Dialog #todoc

The toolbar has various commands like new where you can include target-information which will then ensure that it's set when saved. In addition there is a simpler button/command called metadata which will create metadata if it doesn't exist, or edit existing if it's already created.

This is documented in Toolbar Customizations for Metadata

Create Automatically on any ADAM field in the Edit-UI #todoc

Create using the Headless REST API #todoc

Create using the C# API #todoc

Manually create Metadata for Tests #todoc

The Admin-UI has a special feature to manually create Metadata. It's technical, but it's meant to quickly create some test-metadata.


  1. Introduced in 2sxc v2