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RazorComponent API

For current best-practices, all Razor templates should start with a line like
@inherits Custom.Hybrid.Razor14 to make sure that it has all the new features. If you really need DNN features such as the .Dnn object use @inherits Custom.Dnn.Razor12.


If you don't specify this first line, your code will inherit from a different class, so many features won't work as documented.

Discover More in the Razor Tutorials

We have an rich series of Razor tutorials. You should really check them out 👍.

APIs in Razor Components / Templates


Most of these APIs can be seen live in action with source code in the Razor Tutorials

Standard Dynamic Code API

Razor templates / components have all the objects and APIs of Dynamic Code

Additional Razor Component APIs

In addition there are a few additional objects & commands which you will usually use, most of which are standard Razor APIs

  1. Edit
    Helper providing you with various edit-functionality like @Edit.TagToolbar(...)
  2. Code (deprecated)
    The object from the Code-Behind

Common Standard Razor APIs and Keywords

  1. Html.Raw(string)
    Standard Razor API to output the HTML in a string instead of showing tags in the visible page
  2. Html.Partial(path, data)
    Standard Razor API - google it if you need it or read about splitting code in Razor

The following keywords are normal in any Razor system, but it's good if you know them. Google them to learn more.

  • @functions
  • @helpers

Templates can tell the platform how search results should be treated. This is important for list-details scenarios. It's not documented well, but you can check examples in the Blog App. It needs these evens / properties:

  • CustomizeData - is like a "before-data-is-used" of the page, used to change what data is delivered to the page - or to the search.
    Note that this is an older feature and many things this does can also be done using the VisualQuery designer. But sometimes you will need code, and this is the place to do it.
  • CustomizeSearch
  • Purpose - tells you if the code is running to render into html, or for another reason like populating the search index - so your code can adapt