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2sxc and EAV Docs

For version 18.00

This is the technical documentation for EAV and 2sxc. If you're new to 2sxc, start with

Convert Dnn ☢️ and Oqtane 🩸 into a CMS

2sxc is a CMS- and Meta-Plugin for Dnn/DotNetNuke and Oqtane. It makes content editing easier than other CMSs like Wordpress, while giving the designer full control. It's also a CMF like Drupal. And a very cool EAV data-management system. And a headless REST API. And a lot more.

2sxc is used to provide web-site-builder functionality. It has a simple Content mode where users just add images, designed text/image blocks, links etc. Then there's the sophisticated App mode, where user add standalone functional apps like blogs, galleries and more. Most apps are on github and can be downloaded from the app-catalog.

Where to Start

2sxc is an easy to use dynamic content system for .net Platforms like Dnn. If you are just getting started, then this is probably not where you should be looking. Focus first on:

  1. The Basics which tells you about Architecture, Data Models and more
  2. Content on like the learn section
  3. Apps on 2sxc Catalog which contains many ready-to-use apps like blogs and news, as well as tutorials
  4. The Dnn Tutorials on

👉 With this knowledge, you can already create amazing stuff.

2sxc is very flexible and can be used for almost any kind of content-management needs or app development needs. Because of this, different documentations help you work with different things. Here's the overview:

  1. Many solutions and recommendations are found in the Blog on
  2. Many demo, template and tutorial Apps are found in the App Catalog on
  3. 2sxc / EAV Roadmap

Pending Documentation Work

Next to document

  1. Finish metadata documentation
  2. Create in the APIs (simplify APIs first)
  3. Create good sample of Page-Metadata App

These topics are insufficiently documented...

  1. URL and REST API for changing data
  2. Future topics, lower priority 2. React and 2sxc (todo)
  3. etc.

To Doc about Docs

  1. All kinds of customizations
    1. How Illustrations work (SVGs, CSS, JS etc.)
    2. Lightbox
    3. Possibly activation of additional languages
    4. How version switcher works
    5. How TOC customizations work
      1. icons in .net API
      2. HR splitters

Other Cool Tools & Resources

  1. 2sxc Toolbar Builder by 10Pound Gorilla
  2. Gorillafied Blog
  3. - blog, experiments, tutorials